Getting It Together With Mother Nature

When we did the farm tour we talked about working with nature instead of trying to force our methods on a system that has been developed over many millenniums. Each one of our so-called fixes or improvements tends to have a down-system problem that develops, then it has to be solved. Ad nauseum. And so on.

Regenerative farming has to do with trying to understand what nature has created and how to support that. Put more back than we take out, support the other partners in the whole process by sharing, and develop synergistic relationships.

One of the best examples, also one of the funniest, is this TED Talk from a well-known chef.

Think about how that might apply in your world. Do you leave micro-habit areas for the beneficials and pollinators? Make water available for them? Leave the old blooms, berries, scraps for the bees & critters to snack on as the prep for winter. You CAN make a difference. Even small ones add up.

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