We’ve several calves dues in the next month or so.  Chocolate, our Old World Jersey, is due the end of this month.  She is looking very, very full… low in the belly.  Her rear ligaments of softening.  Teats are full & long… but her bag(udder) still has a bit to go before it has filled up.

Isle of Jersey, Old World Milking Jersey

Chocolate, 7 months pregnant

Chocolate has had one calf, a heifer, with our herd bull, a Fullblood Lowline.  The first calf is generally done best with a natural breeding. With this second calf we used A.I. (artificial insemination). Located a source for an old world jersey semen.

When looking for a good dairy cow, one wants to check on the mother of the bull, and his daughters, to see if they have made good milk cows.  Milking capacity is one thing but temperament is just as important. If a milk cow is resistant to being handled it makes a chore out of milking. Temperament is 70% related to genetics so it’s important to ask about her linage.

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