About us: It’s all a journey!

Started out as a city girl… but moved out of the city in 2005.  We’ve started developing our homestead where we could return to a more basic lifestyle: growing our food, milk a cow and making our own butter & cheese, raising grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, and heritage Berkshire hogs.

It’s been a learning experience the whole way with lots of unexpected lessons learned!

So some background.  I’m an old Labor & Delivery nurse with some 30 years in the field… all the way from a Nurse’s Aid, to an RN specializing in High Risk L&D, to a Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health. By the way, the “best” education in getting my nursing act together was as a nursing aid. How to organize, assess, and implement! The rest was knowledge based education.

After 30 years, an auto accident and a head injury (Mild Traumatic Brain Injury) ended one career and redirected my time and energy elsewhere. My challenges are short-term memory issues and fatigue… but the ability to think, understand, analyze are still intact.

My husband is the anchor.  His list of life skills are critical to our endeavors.  He has the science, the hands-on education, and most importantly, the DRIVE  to engage and create our homestead.  Working full-time as a software engineer, he comes home and works full-time on the farm. Welding, construction, plumbing, electrical, building, irrigation systems, organic soil building, and livestock management… as well as heavy equipment operator skills all lend to supporting our farming venture. Wine making, beer making, and cheese making are other areas of particular interest.

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