How do I find that darn thing! i.e. Blog workings

If you are like many people (who did not actually grow up with a silver computer in your hand) and have to actually figure how things work,  I have a few minute things that can get you where you want to go.  Me, if I have to hit keys more there three times, I’m DONE! I’m part of the KISS generation (Keep it Simple, Stupid!).

A BLOG is just a running “diary” of whatever one chooses to write about.

While I would like to add some “bells & whistles” to my blog you run the danger of getting way too complicated for people who don’t actually LIVE in the blogosphere!

I discovered that the column on the left side has several really cool features so thought I’d run through them, for the novice “bloggie”… 🙂

  • It has a place to enter your email address, and then you are sure to get each post!
  • Tips on how to USE a Blog Page!

  • Next you see a calendar with dates highlighted.  You can put your cursor over  a highlighted date  for a second or two, and it will give you the name of the blog post of that day! Click on that date and it will bring up that post.
  • Under the heading Archives, the months are listed with a number… the number of blog postings written that month.  If you click on the month, the calendar will show that month and you can, again, put the cursor on the date and after a few seconds, the title of the blog post will show up.
  • Recent Posts heading is pretty obvious… just a listing of the last ten!
  • Education has some links to things I think are important and I want a “HOME” for them so I can get to them quickly and refer others to them. Well worth your time to go through them.

  • Tags is an interesting approach to finding info.  I’m suppose to tag my posts with a words that reflect what is discussed in that post.  You can actually click on one of those words and all the posts that related to it, will come up.  The LARGER the word, the more often it is mentioned.  It’s called a “word cloud”.  You can see that  “family” appears very small & “calf” is huge.  You know that I have mentioned “calf” a heck of a lot!
  • If you move to the main column, the actual post title... you’ll see some words under the title that relate to the blog… another way to track down info.  If you click on the word “economics” you’ll get all the blog posts that have that category listed.  The Tag words are a little more specific in topic: birth, dairy cow, milk. Sometimes the word will be in both groups.
  • PICTURES:  if you click on a picture it should show up on another screen, only much larger (you know, so you can actually SEE the picture)!

Hope this brief review makes it easier for you to use ANY blog site!  Lots of interesting info out there… and you don’t even have to leave home to get it. Whoops… that can be a problem though.

Take care, Get outside, Grow something… get into touch with the “real” world!

Too much time on the computer/video/tv/books trigger depression!!! A simple solution… re-engage.

(Hey, chickens and a container garden are good beginning places for almost everyone!)

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  1. June 28, 2013 at 2:27 am

    I love what you guys tend to be up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

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