Something different…

If we look at our history, and I mean real history, not just the last 10,000 years, we can see how changes have affected our physical make-up. Why the obesity epidemic has occurred. We can see how the draconian changes in the last 50 years in our food systems, have dramatically altered the impact food, or rather food-like substances, on our bodies.

The Real Food Revolution is a medically backed clip on some food issues I have suspected for years. The science is finally developed enough (and clear of the politically/corporate influence) to provide some real data.

Take a close look at that last figure on the graph… it’s all happened in less than 50 years!

Dr. Lustig, out of UC SF, has published around the same topic. His presentation is a bit heavier on the science, but very, very watchable. He has a great sense of humor which probably explains why it has had over 3 million hits, and continues to grow; Sugar, The Bitter Truth. In his talk he includes a discussion on the toxic effects of “high fructose corn syrup”.

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