Fish talk…

It’s pretty cool… being able to put one’s thoughts down but really, there should be a point to it all.  One of the most frustrating  things I keep running into is LOOSING interesting info that I want to share. So, I need a place to “place” all those “goodies” that I can refer other’s to if they have an interest in what we are discussing.

It would be excellent to have a place where other people can suggest interesting things to look at. So please bear with me while I figure out how to do this… and if you have any hints or suggestions on how to do it, post it!!!

Just to start, I find an excellent TED-talk to check out is a humorous introduction to the problem of how to keep fish on our menus.  How I Fell In Love With A Fish. It’s less than a 20 min clip and worth the time to view it.

At some point I’m guessing there will be a place to actually PUT interesting links, rather than in the middle of a blog posting.  Something on a side column.  I’ll check it out.

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